Friday, October 14, 2011

Cardrunners Stars Create New Fantasy Game

Top poker players and Cardrunners founders have created a new fantasy sports game that looks a lot like tournament poker. These are SNG style daily tournament games where you pick the number of competitors you want to play again and you pick a roster for each event.

Every day of the week, DraftDay gives sports fans an electrifying way to test their fantasy sports skills. Play Daily Fantasy Sports games for a variety of sporting events with buy-ins ranging from free games to $200.

DraftDay vs. traditional fantasy sports
-- No season-long commitment. Jump in when you're ready.
-- If you're not happy with your team, there's always another draft tomorrow (or later today).
-- One unlucky injury won't ruin your entire fantasy sports season.
-- Draft in multiple games everyday and easily manage it all from one convenient place.