Monday, August 23, 2010

A Good Poker Resource - The Poker Grinder

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I wanted to highlight a good poker strategy resource for online grinders, The Poker Grinder. They cover many key poker strategy topics including bankroll management, playing against different player types, moving up in limits etc.

The TPG Blog covers news and strategy from around the poker world. Recent stories have included a story on Phil Laak getting himself into the Guinness records book and the new Daniel’s Room at Poker Stars for fans to watch high stakes games.

TPG also provides Poker Bonuses at online poker sites for new players, including detailed reviews of many of the leading online poker sites. Check them out to day and become a Grinder.


randall bly said...

This is what poker is about.Most players understand all the terms but really don't know how to use them.

Rose Victoria said...

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Rose Victoria said...

A lot of useful information in those links, thanks. I feel that it might even be too much for me to “digest” in just one week.

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