Saturday, February 05, 2011

My Top 7 Poker Posts from Betting for Value

Without any fresh inspiration on poker topics to cover, I thought I would provide you with a quick reference to some of the best posts that I written over the past couple of years. I know Top 7 is an odd number, but I could not limit it to Top 5, so you get two bonus posts. Hope you enjoy them:

My Top 10 Insights on Cash Games
In this post I provide my 10 most important tidbits for maximizing your winnings (and minimizing your losses) in cash games.

My Top 10 Insights on Tournament Poker
In the same vein, here are my top insights for winning in tournament poker.

On Keeping your Head
In cash games, we grind out small wins over time, but can quickly lose a month's worth of winnings by losing our head. This post was dedicated to keeping your cool.

Some Additional Hands to Avoid that can Lose a Lot of your Stack
As the title suggests avoiding these hands can improve your win rate.

Building a Big Stack in Rebuys
The advantages of rebuy tournaments are that you can build a big stack during the first hour that gives you more flexibility. But you have to know how to build that big stack.

Description of a Win in a PokerXfactor Tournament
I thought this was one of my better descriptions of the key hands in a online tournament win.

Having the Lead When All the Chips go in.
This is a post I wrote on the Dos and Don'ts of Bubble Aggression. Raising often but only calling all-ins when you think you are a likely winner.


Mitchell said...

I just tweeted my followers on your post "Top 10 Insight on Tournament Poker." Excellent advice!

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WeirdRash said...

Thanks Mitchell,

I appreciate the feedback.