Monday, November 17, 2008

Skilled based game, Moola

I first heard about about a year ago, but at the time the games that they had seemed much more luck-oriented than skill-based. However, since that time they have added some skill games, Gold Rush and Sports Betting in particular, that provide good players the ability to win without needing luck. bills itself as a Massively Multiplayer Rewards Game (MMRG) that is kind of like a free super-jackpot game show, where you start with a small free balance provided by their advertisers and sponsors. You start competing at the very lowest levels and if you win you double your balance. Over time, you build a bankroll by winning and through free spins of a Moola Booster wheel.

Their members have won real money and the current top player on the Leaderboard has over $8,000 in his account. If you like skill-based games and you don't want to risk your own money, I highly recommend playing at

My favorite game is Gold Rush, a 2-player game of strategy, in which the most clever bidder goes home with the gold! The objective is to reach 32 points through a series of betting rounds using your own 6 pieces of gold that are valued between 1 and 6 points. Each round the person with the highest bet takes that round of gold. There are various strategies for betting your multi-valued pieces and often your strategy changes depending on who you are playing (another good player or a weak player).

Check it out and good luck at the tables.

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Doublebanker said...

Also a moola fan here...hit $100 on the wheel about a year ago. Cashed out about $140 so far. Played mostly GR, but some hi/lo. My record is "Win/Loss/Tie Record: 663/514/133". Good luck!!