Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Top 10 Favorite Songs...Right now

Sometimes we all need a little diversion and I thought I would force my favorite music on you. Yeah...Yeah...I know music is a very individualistic taste, but maybe you haven't heard a couple of these and they grab you the way they have grabbed me. I have added clips to all the songs that were available on Amazon's Music Store below. BTW, if you have not tried Amazon's Music Store -- DO IT NOW. The MP3s cost the same $.99 as on iTunes, but they are transferrable between any MP3 player -- so your music is actually YOUR MUSIC, not Apple's!!

10. Something's Missing -- John Mayer
I know a lot of you can't get past the teenyboppers following him around or the fact that he is dating Jennifer Aniston and has dated Jessica Simpson and other celebs in the past. However, if you haven't bought one of his albums yet, you should. Not only is he a great songwriter, but he is a virtuoso guitar player. He was invited to Crossroads, Eric Clapton's guitar jam, as a 20 year old. He is an elite guitarist that will be one of the masters before it is all over. This is my favorite JM tune. I hope you like it.

9. The Magnificent Seven -- The Clash
I am going back in time a bit for this one but if you have forgotten, you should give in another listen. If you are younger and have not heard much of The Clash, look this one up. The songs they play on the classic rock stations are their pop tunes, but not their best songs. This and White Man in Hammersmith Palais are my two favorite Clash classics.

8. Sympathy -- Goo Goo Dolls
Johnny Reznik is an amazing songwriter. He spits out great tunes as if the task was as simple as signing a birthday card. Iris, Black Balloon, Broadway, Name and the list just goes on. Personally, this little ditty is my favorite Reznik classic and it is a bit less played than the others so you may not be familiar with it.

7. No Woman No Cry -- Sublime
The hip reggae rockers from Long Beach created a classic when they covered this Bob Marley tune. It was not one of my favorite Bob Marley tunes, but this version really kicks it. They also did a great cover of the Grateful Dead classic, Scarlet Begonias.

6. We close our Eyes -- Oingo Boingo
All you 80's fans should remember Danny Elfman and Oingo Boingo. These guys just made fun music and this is their best tune. It is also a nice reflective song on how fast life moves -- so don't let it pass you by. I defy you to try to listen to this song and NOT sing along with the chorus. BTW, if you are a movie-goer check out who wrote the soundtrack to your favorite movies...chances are it was Danny Elfman.

5. I Can (clean version) -- Nas
Rap doesn't have to be about guns, booty and Ho's. Nas has written an inspirational song with a powerful message. Even if you don't like rap and hip-hop, I think you will warm to this one. The song blends melody with power and really grabs you from start to finish.

4. Driftin' -- The DirtyHeads
You probably have not heard of this band and the only reason I had was because they have a great song on the "Surf's Up" soundtrack called Stand Tall. Well these guys are good and will become big if they stick together. They blend reggae, rap and rock in a similar manner to Sublime. This tune is just a well written song that grows on you every time you hear it.

3. Love Like This -- Natasha Bedingfield
This song is just one of those songs that make you feel good when you hear it. I love the melody, her voice and the words. It is another one of those songs that you have to sing along with when you hear it. It was not ridiculously overplayed when it came out and it is just a great song.

2. Right Now -- Fort Minor
Mike Shinoda is the rapper from Linkin Park and he formed Fort Minor as a side project with a group of young rappers. Fort Minor writes intelligent songs that make you think. This is a great song about "perspective". Again you do not need to like rap to like this song. It is very well done.

1. He Got Game -- Public Enemy
This is an older song from the mid Nineties but a true classic. The PE guys blended the classic CSNY song "For What its Worth" into this rap song about basketball in the inner city. It is another song that grabs you from the start. I love this song and many of you have probably never heard it. You have to check it out.

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