Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Draw Poker Strategy

This is a bit off topic for me but I have been playing more draw poker tournaments lately and thought I would shed some light on some key Draw strategies.

First off, I tend to play multiple tables whenever I play tournaments and mixing in Draw with NLHE and/or Horse tournaments really makes you focus. I would not recommend it unless you are very comfortable with all the games.

One of the key difference with Draw poker is the necessity to stay engaged at the table. Unlike NLHE, where you can wait to be prompted, then you can review the betting and make an semi-accurate assessment as to what has transpired, in Draw you have to stay on top of things at all times.

Ideally, you would only play one Draw tournament and no other tables. In addition to betting patterns, it is critical to know how many cards other players have drawn. For instance, if you have trips you are likely to draw two cards, if you have a pair you are likely to draw two or three cards, if you have a straight draw or a flush draw you are likely to draw one card and if you stand pat you are likely to have the flush or straight already.

It is critical to know what your opponent has drawn for betting purposes after the draw, especially when the bet and pot sizes get very large at the end of tournaments.

If you have trips and bet/raise strong before the flop and another player is calling or raising you, then likely he has two pair or better. Now at the draw, he stands pat. Well if you do not improve to a full house, you are toast. Yes, occasionally a player might bluff this pattern, but I have not seen much of that. When a player stands pat it almost surely means they have a straight, flush or full house -- for any other hands they would draw at least one card.

If you are not paying attention when players draw cards, you have little or no ability to put a player on a hand. Draw poker can be lots of fun but you have to PAY ATTENTION.


Mitchell said...

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Good luck at the tables.


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Best said...

Is that all? What else we need to play efficiently?