Monday, October 22, 2007

Players Beware - Cheating does Exist

The past year has not brought a lot of good news to the online poker world. The US ban has crimped the number of sites where US players can play and has also significantly reduced the number of new players coming into the online poker world. Win rates are down and the game is just not as fun anymore.

Well over the weekend, I saw this gem about online cheating by a consultant to one of the sites which really calls into question the whole integrity of the game. I am shocked to learn that an actual employee/consultant of the sites (beside "identified pros") can actually play on their sites -- seems like a major conflict to me. But then to learn this guy hacked into their own system so that he could see everyone's hole cards is really disturbing news. This incident involves Absolute Poker, but one certainly has to wonder about the other sites also.

The industry really needs to get its act together so we can gain back the integrity of this game. Until that happens, the game is going to continue to lose players.

You can check out the article here.

Here is Absolute's response as published on



Running with Spades said...

It really is a shame. The worst part is that this kind of stuff hurts the whole industry, not just the site that blew it. I hope they start making a bigger effort to clean this whole mess up because from what I've been hearing lately they're only digging themselves in deeper.

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evelgal said...

really sux.. but i'm also getting sick of bad beats in poker/..maybe it's better this way

Skinski said...

Never had liked AB , but now you couldn't drag me there to play a game .