Sunday, August 12, 2007

Table Manners

Since the October and the US ban on gambling related transactions both cash games and tournaments are tougher because:

-- It is harder to get money onto the sites
-- Less new players are coming into the games
-- The remaining players must be maintaining their bankrolls (for the most part)
-- Therefore better players overall

Given that, you would think most players would be very nice weak players at a table. Right? Wrong. At 2 of the last 3 cash game tables I played at, a decent player took big pots from a weak player and proceeded to lambast them in the chat box. Why? To chase away a weaker player that is willing to rebuy? Ouch that is not smart.

Not only is it an unprofitable move, but it is rude and uncomfortable for everyone at the table. Let's not forget that we are playing against other human beings, not machines, and let's practice a little common courtesy.


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