Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Great Play, Marginal Result

I played in a couple tourneys last night and took 7th in a $20 180 man SNG on Star, but then was also cruising in a larger tourney with about 765 players.

We were down to about 45 players and had passed the money bubble at 63. I had played the bubble and late stages well. I was raising about 2x per round and gaining chips. I was also able to increase my stack with some timely all ins against small stacks. And with 45 left I was second in chips.

I felt like I was playing as well as I have played in tourneys, both fearless but rational.

Then the following hand came up.

I have about 52k in chips and the blinds are 600/1200. In early position I get dealt AsKc and made a standard raise to 3600. A middle position player with 37.7k in chips reraises to 9600 (or 6000 more to me). Everyone folds and I call his raise. I just call because I am playing well and chipping up nicely. I am 2nd in chips and do not need to get all in without a hand. Given he had not been a reckless player and he reraised, I put him on TT or better, maybe AK but pushing or calling was more likely with AK.

The flop comes QcJhTc and I have made a straight. Now given my opponent's likely hands TT or better, there is a good chance he has made a set. If he has the set we are both getting all in no matter what. I bet half the pot into his preflop reraise hoping he raises. He pushes, I call and he has a set of Qs.

The turn comes a 5s which is good for me. But alas the river brings another 5 and I am crippled down to 12000 chips.

Shortly thereafter, I pushed with 66 in middle position and I was called by both 77 and AK. OUch and out I go in 42nd.

"Decisions over Results", I have to keep telling myself. I was very happy with my play all night but the poker gods stole one away from me there.

Tonight, I get the opportunity to play some live poker against a mixed field of weak and good players. Should be a fun change of pace.

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