Saturday, May 26, 2007

Beware: Tourney Play can Destroy your Cash Game Play

I used to be a good cash game player. That is how I originally built my bankroll. However, tourney play has just destroyed my ability to play cash games. I wonder how many other players are in the same boat?

I guess it comes down to patience. When I was strictly a cash game player, I would sit for hours at a time patiently waiting for big hidden hands like trips and str8s. However, as a tourney player you do not have that luxury. You need to play more hands and you need to mix it up more after the flop.

While my post flop play is much better than it used to be, I also chase far too much in ring games. In tourney play, it is often appropriate to call off chips to get to showdown where there is a chance you have the best hand. The scarcity of chips just dictates that you have to try to win more chips.

However, in ring games players really do not keep firing without very good hands. It is difficult to switch back to that mentality when you are getting rewarded in tourneys for opposite behavior.

Most good tourney players do not mix tourneys and cash and I can see why. However, now here I am stuck. I am not yet a good consistent tourney player and now I am no longer a good cash game player. Oops!



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Twilight Rider said...


My suggestion is to pick one type of play. One type that consistently pays you and work on that. If you're not bringing in money then the approach isn't working for what you need.

I'm pretty good at Sit&Go tournaments and have a hard time going back to normal play. It means I have to play tight for a certain amount of time then get to have a break once the tourney ends. Easier on my head and my chips. :)

You can find me as 'almostrambo' on Pokerstars.

StarrManUK said...

I can relate to this, sometimes it's best just to stick to one. Play cash games for a month and then switch to tournaments for some variety.

It's similar if you switch between Omaha and Texas holdem poker as well, you need a few hours at least just to get used to the change in play.