Saturday, March 10, 2007

I need a New Luck Generator

Mine was clearly broken last night.

Hate to post bad beats, but I played in 9 tourneys last night and did not reach the money in any and 6 of 9 ended in horrendous domination bad beats.

Raised with JJ in the middle position and got two callers. I had a medium to small stack - with a flop of 653 rainbow. I pushed the flop and one bonehead calls with 88. Just horrendous. Turn comes 4. Uh-oh here comes the....noooooooooo.....7 Runner-Runner is good. Lovely!

With a medium stack, it is folded to me on the button and I raise with ATo. The big blind is a large stack who has been aggressive and I expect him to reraise me -- the trap is set. He takes the bait and he pushes over the top - I insta-call. He lives up to expectation when he shows A6o. Yeehaw domination coming!!. 6 hits on fourth street and I am finished. Nice 3 outer.

More big stack silliness. I am in the small blind and it is folded to the cutoff (who has a big stack) who raises 3x bb. I am in the small blind with an average stack of about 20x bb -- and AKs (hearts no less - my favorite). I reraise to 9x the bb and he pushes a bit of contemplation. I assume he may have AT-AK or maybe a small to medium pair. With such a big pot to really chip up, I call quickly. He has T5o --- wow! But of course, about 30 5s come off on the board and I am out again.

These were the most brutal but also lost with AA to JJ and AK to AQ. Oh well not my night.

Sorry to bore you with bad beats, but it makes me feel slightly better to exorcise the demons.

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jj said...

I feel your pain! Bitching is therapeutic! Cheers, JJ.