Monday, March 31, 2014

Staying Safe Playing Online Casinos

The development of the internet has completely changed the way we approach our daily lives.  Being able to transfer money and pay from products/services remotely means that many tasks can now be carried out from the convenience of our own homes.  The casino industry has certainly felt the impact of the internet.  Instead of having to visit a bookmaker or a casino to place a bet, punters can now stick on a wager from their computer or mobile device.

Advanced Payment Methods
The rise in the quantity of online payments has been coupled with an inevitably heightened risk of fraud.  In response to this, various advanced payment has been introduced to offer consumers and businesses increased security when transferring funds online.  Amongst these advanced payment methods are e-wallets and prepaid voucher deposits, and we will discuss these further in this article.

The most popular and commonly used e-wallet payment service is PayPal, which acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers.  The role that these e-wallets play prevents customers from being directly connected to sellers, reducing the chance of any fraudulent activity.  Another popular e-wallet solution is Neteller, which is particularly popular in the affiliate world.

Prepaid Voucher Deposits
This method is an even more recent addition to the online payment industry and provides its users with even more security. Ukash is one of the most commonly used prepaid voucher deposits and it has risen in popularity due to the limited liability for its users. The first thing that you must do to make a Ukash payment is to actually purchase the voucher, which can be done at thousands of outlets around the world. When doing this, you will be given a unique 19-digit code which identifies you as the owner of that voucher.  You can then use this code when making online payments.

Selecting a Safe Online Casino
The best online casinos understand the importance of online security and want to do whatever they can to protect their players.  For this reason, you should only play at online casinos which support these advanced methods, such as PayPal and Ukash.  Stick to these and you will significantly reduce your chances of being a victim

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Developing an Online Bingo Brand

If one thing is for sure, developing an online bingo brand would have been significantly easier a mere decade ago, prior to the online bingo boom.  Back then, there were only a handful of online bingo sites available to play at in the UK.  Today, that number has risen substantially to well over 400 and this number continues to rise.  Given the intense level of competition within the market, you can imagine the difficulties experienced when attempting to establish yourself as a recognisable brand.  This article features a number of considerations one has to make when launching a site.
It is essential that you know your target audience before you set out.  Traditionally, the game of bingo has been associated with elderly female players, but the demographic of players is broadening every day.  Still, new bingo sites must target the majority of their players, which means they should be suitable for all female players.
Now that you have identified the demographic spread that you are aiming your site at, you must design and style it to suit.  This means making use of soft colours, such as pink, orange and yellow, which have proved to be very well received on some of the best bingo sites.  Also, integrating a theme into your design will give it some extra character, which will help you to reach out to the female players.
Social Media
An essential element of developing an online brand is to maintain an active social media profile.  This allows you to really give your brand a voice.  Social networks, such as Facebook, provide an opportunity for you to engage with consumers like never before, and this should undeniably be leveraged when building a brand.  By communicating with your players and posting funny and engaging content, you can be sure that players will remember your name, building the brand loyalty that you need.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Benefits of Playing Online Poker On A Mobile Device

Online Poker has become a huge pastime for many people all over the world. This fun, easy to play game is a staple at all online casino. Busy players that don’t have time to get online can now play Poker on their smartphone or tablet, thanks to so many online casinos offering a mobile version of their games.

There are so many benefits to playing Poker using a mobile device that this is quickly becoming the preferred method of playing the game. Those who own an Android based smartphone or tablet can download Poker apps from the Google Play Store. Players using an iPad or iPhone can download Poker apps from iTunes.

Often those who play mobile poker find that it is a great way to pass time when waiting in line, at the airport or any other time they have a few spare moments. Poker apps in iTunes or Google Play allow people to play the game for free or to eager money on their game if they choose to do so.

While most people who play Poker on their mobile device do so by joining an online casino and simply downloading its mobile version to their smartphone or tablet, the wide variety of individual android and iphone poker apps available is serving as a convenient alternative for those who are only interested in playing Poker. Most of the various versions of Poker, such as Texas Hold Em and Carribbean Stud can be downloaded to almost any smartphone or tablet. This means that no matter which type of Poker game an individual prefers they can find what they are looking for. You can check out some poker app reviews here.

Many Poker players that have older model smartphones often take advantage of their phone’s slide out keyboard that makes it easier to play a game of Poker. This is especially true when a particular Poker app allows players to chat with each other during a game. Doing so is much easier on a smartphone with a slide out keyboard than on an iPhone.

Those who work in the online gambling industry had been predicting for years that online Poker games would be moving to mobile devices. It is predicted that by the end of 2014 30% of all online Poker games will be played this way. Experts have stated that within the online Poker industry 4% of all Poker players now mainly play the game on their smartphone or tablet.

In general, people who play Poker on their mobile device tend to play three times more hands than they would otherwise. Unfortunately people are also less focused when they play Poker on their mobile device, so they tend to lose more money than they would if they were playing the same game on their home computer or even at an offline casino.

The growth of Poker games on Facebook was one of the main reasons that Poker has come to mobile devices and it has inspired the industry to create Poker apps to meet the needs of mobile players.